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World Kindess Day

November 13th, 2017

Today is World Kindness Day.

‘No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.’ – Aesop

Kindness, pass it on :)

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We Pause to Remember

November 11th, 2017

We pause to remember and honour the men and women who have served our country and fought for freedom around the world.

Andre is Smiling! No More Braces!!

November 10th, 2017

Andre got his braces off earlier this week and had a chance to show off his new smile with Dr. Baby! We love debond day just as much as Andre. Enjoy that new smile!!! #babyrojasortho #certifiedorthodonticspecialists #debonddayisthebestday #happyfriday

Vote for Us!

November 8th, 2017

Voting ends Thursday! We'd love it if you voted for us!
Just a reminder that Our London Reader’s Choice wants to hear from you! We’ve been nominated for the “ Dentist” category. Simply follow this link, click on health and wellness, then dentist and scroll down until you see “Dr. Paula Baby and Dr. Jaime Rojas –Orthodontists” – click nominate for your vote. You can vote DAILY! We appreciate you taking time to give us a vote! Voting ends November 9th at 11:59 pm.