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Using the power of Orthodontic Screening Kit our office is proud to offer you the chance to get a virtual evaluation from an orthodontist. Screenings can be done by any family member in your household. No matter the age! Find out valuable orthodontic information and seamlessly schedule your appointments today. It’s free and you can do it from the comfort of your home!


Baby & Rojas Expert Orthodontists specializing in Braces, Invisalign and Orthodontics in London - braces london ontario

Get Braces Today and Give Your Smile The Attention It Deserves! Our Orthodontic Services in London Ontario are Highly Rated.

Dr. Paula Baby, BSc, DDS, MSc, Dip Ortho, FRCD(C) and Dr. Jaime Rojas BSc, DDS, MSc, Dip Ortho, FRCD(C) Certified Orthodontists in London, ON to provide Cheap Invisalign, Braces and Advanced Orthodontic Treatment in London, Ontario

Our mission is to offer patients the best Orthodontic Treatment and Process, Qualty Braces and care in Orthodontics. We deliver premium quality of care while treating our patients with the utmost compassion, concern and attention.

Drs Baby and Rojas are Serving London, ON (Ontario) as your orthodontic specialist, offering Invisalign, Invisible Braces, and Braces for adults, children and teens at a great rate!

Baby and Rojas takes your past dental history and records into consideration and take care of you from initial visit to the orthodontist to your specific orthodontic procedure.

Get affordable braces london ontario! Other highly rated services include: orthodontist london ontario, invisalign london ontario, orthodontist london ontario, orthodontist london ontario and more!

Choose the most experienced braces and invisalign provider in London. We give you braces at the best braces cost. Book your braces appointment today and smile!

Get the best Selection of Orthodontic Appliances and Braces and trust our experienced and perfected Orthodontic Procedures

Get quality orthodontic and braces care in ontario! Offering a range of dental appliances ranging from metal to damon, invisible and invisalign. We are orthodontists and dental experts based in london ontario providing dental, braces and ortho devices services in london ontario. Trust expert orthodontists Drs Baby and Rojas to give you straighten your teeth and deliver quality dental care. Get a consultation for your teeth using virtual or in person at your convenience. If you have a tooth out of line causing discomfort we can help. Let's take a look at that tooth right away using modern dental and ortho procedures. Get more dental care for your teeth for less!

our list of orthodontic and dental services include:

  • common orthodontic issues
  • damon™ smile
  • damon™ clear
  • invisalign®
  • wilckodontics®
  • surgical orthodontics
  • dentofacial orthopedics
  • tmj-tmd
  • mouthguards
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Baby & Rojas Orthodontic Specialists

Welcome to our practice!  Drs. Paula Baby and Jaime Rojas have built a reputation in London for providing beautiful smiles and high quality treatments.  Since 1999, we have utilized methods and techniques for the benefit and comfort of our patients. In addition to traditional braces, we also offer Damon Smile brackets Invisalign clear aligners, and laser procedures.  For your convenience we also office online communication such as email appointment reminders as well as payment plans and three convenient office locations.
Baby & Rojas Orthodontic Specialists are professional, respected orthodontists who strive to provide high quality care in a friendly and family oriented practice. Contact our practice today to schedule an appointment. Serving LondonGoderich and  Wingham, ON (Ontario) – Drs. Paula Baby and Jaime Rojas are your orthodontic specialists, offering Invisalign and braces for children, teens, and adults.
Frequently Asked Questions +

How much do braces cost in London Ontario?

Take your smile to the next level with braces from a trusted provider. There are 3 main types of braces, traditional metal braces, ceramic braces and lingual braces. The cost typically ranges between $3,000 - 7,000 for traditional metal brackets; $4,000 - 8,000 for ceramic brackets and $8,000 - 10,000 for lingual brackets. Payment plans are available! We offer consultations at our facility in London ON and across Ontario so stop by today!

How can I get free braces in Ontario?

We offer comprehensive payment plans and insurance options for our braces patients. Other efforts such as Smiles 4 Canada is an initiative of the Canadian Association of Orthodontists to provide free orthodontic treatment for children under 14. Applications are assessed on financial eligibility, based on the federal government criteria Federal Low Income Cut-Offs (LICO), published by Statistics Canada.

What is a good price for braces?

An average and affordable price for braces ranges from 4000 - 6000 dollars. However, braces can seriously benefit your long term health and oral hygiene so many patients consider the expense to be worth it!

Are braces available on the NHS?

Braces are not available on the NHS. However, our office will be happy to work with you to find a plan that suits your budget and needs. We offer many payment and insurance offers for patients in need.

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