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Early Prevention Orthodontist And Braces For Preventive Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be given at a young age or later in life depending on your circumstances. It some cases acting early can be very beneficial to your overall treatment. How do you know if when you or your child need early treatment and how will it be beneficial in the future?

Learn More About Early Intervention Methods For Any Age

The answer will be different for anyone but The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommend a visit to the Orthodontist once your child turns seven. While treatment is not usually administered at this age it allows the doctor to make an assessment of what will need to be done to properly align adult teeth.

Avoid Long Term Dental Issues

Treatment at age eight or nine is considered early or Phase One, Phase Two typically begins at age 11. Phase One is meant to achieve jaw alignment and correct Over/Underbite. Phase One also helps to make room for permanent or “adult” teeth to grow without obstruction, decreasing the need for future extractions.

Prevention Is Easier Than You Think

Prevention Is Easier Than You Think

How can I tell if my child needs early treatment?

  • Difficulty biting or chewing
  • Breathing through their mouth
  • The child continued to suck thumb after the age of five
  • Large spacing between teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Difficulty with speech
  • Large overbite/underbite

Why do orthodontic problems arise and how will proactive treatment help?

The most common reason for overcrowded teeth, too much spacing or overbite/underbite can be caused for a variety of reasons. It can be caused by genetics, an injury to the mouth, early or late loss of teeth and habitual sucking of the thumb.

All baby teeth usually fall out by the age of 13. Around this time jawbones tend to harden and no longer grow. Treatment for adults often involves extracting teeth or oral surgery. By receiving treatment at an early age it is possible to avoid these procedures. 

Let Us Improve Your Dental Health

If your child is experiencing difficulty with chewing/biting or is showing any other signs of needing orthodontic treatment don’t hesitate to contact our practice and book your appointment today. We can provide your child with an initial evaluation and figure out a plan of action to help your child get the most out of their smile!

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