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Attention All Smile Miles Card Holders!!

IMPORTANT note to parents of patients that have a Smile Miles card at our office. We understand that there are age restrictions on children having Facebook accounts and therefore do not have accounts and miss out on Smiles Miles we give to every patient who “likes” our page. We have recently adopted a new policy. If you child is not old enough to have a Facebook account and you as a parent “like” our page we will give your child the points. Both parents are welcome to “like” our page, but each child will only be awarded the points once. If there is more than one child in our office with a Smiles Miles card we will give each sibling who is seen at our practice the same 10 points. We hope you appreciate our effort to make this program fair and enjoyable for everyone. If you have “liked” our page in the past and would like your child to have the points please email and we will have the points added.

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