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Can An Orthodontist Pull Teeth?

All orthodontists are dentists, which means they have the same training as any other dentist. But an orthodontist takes on a special role in diagnosing and correcting teeth misalignments. They have gone through extra years of schooling and training to be able to perform the specific job of straightening teeth.  Being a dentist means that

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Orthodontic Records

In order to make a thorough and accurate orthodontic diagnosis, records are required. By law, all practitioners have to have a record of the patient’s teeth BEFORE they start orthodontic treatment and AFTER they are finished.  At our office, these consist of head x-ray, panoramic x-ray, study models (scans of the teeth), and photographs of

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The Different Types Of Rubber Bands For Braces

Rubber bands or elastics are used by orthodontists to help the braces (traditional metal and even Aligners) do their job. These bands attach themselves to the little hooks on traditional brace work (or slots cut into aligners), adding extra force. While they’re small, the force they exert helps move the teeth into proper alignment, closing

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How Can I Get Help For Paying For Braces?

Orthodontics (braces or aligners) can be an expensive treatment, and this puts them out of reach in the minds of many Canadians who might not have the right insurance coverage. If you’re one of them, you should know what your individual needs are, and based on those needs, what best treatment plan options are available

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Options for Missing Teeth

During your consultation, you may have been told by one of our doctors that you are missing one or more teeth. This information is to inform you of your possible options for replacing missing teeth, and a brief description of each.

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Impacted Canines

An impaction is a “condition of being firmly lodged or wedged in such a way that further tooth eruption is prevented.” Canine teeth, in particular, are quite prone to becoming impacted. Usually the exact cause of an impacted tooth is not known. The guidance system of the developing tooth simply malfunctions and the tooth begins

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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who donated new/used coats in support of Koats for Kids! We appreciate all donations! #koatsforkids #babyrojasortho #londonbraces #boysandgirlscluboflondon

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